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 What you want, when you want it

Washroom, hygiene &
consumable supplies

Floorbrite offer washroom and hygiene services that
conform to all aspects of current legislation. We offer
innovative products coupled with a tailor-made service,
carried out with complete discretion, enabling a pleasant
and effective washroom environment for both your
employees and visitors.

Take a look at our services below:

Our own warehouses and supply partners are able to deliver a wide variety of consumable products which can be managed and restocked by our on-site cleaning teams. These items include but are not limited to the following items. Talk to our sales support team about what’s on offer…

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand towels
  • Soaps
  • Sanitisers
  • Bin liners
  • Air fresheners
  • Washing up liquid
  • Dishwasher tablets
  • All cleaning materials and chemicals

The range of feminine hygiene units are not only up to date but offer maximum hygienic care. A choice of sizes are available to cater for even the smallest cubicle, with various colours and finishes to enhance your washroom environment. Providing a liner exchange system you can be assured of a discreet service at all times, with equipment continually to the standard you would expect.

Waste is removed in modesty bags by company corporate uniformed operatives and then taken to the point of disposal in specially adapted vehicles.

•     A completed customer record card is signed after each service for complete piece of mind. Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
•    Corporate uniformed, trained service operatives.
•    Regular and flexible service intervals to meet your requirements.
•    Compact pedal operated hygiene systems, with unique vanity flap.
•    Choice of White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.
•    Unique dry powder formulation destroys bacteria and inactivates harmful viruses.
•    Safe and effective method of disposal to comply with the environmental protection act 1990.
•    ‘Duty of Care’ Documentation provided.
•    Customer record cards provided.
•    Emergency call out service.
•    Free installation.

  Foot pedal operated feminine hygiene units

Available in White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.


  Automatic unit

Available in White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.


  Mini foot pedal operated feminine hygiene unit

Available in White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.


  Ladybag dispensers

Available in White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.

• Available for out right purchase. Can be replenished by cleaning operatives during the cleaning shift.

• Cost effective. No ongoing rental costs.

• Full range of soaps, cleansers, moisturisers  and paper products.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Installation service.


Soap dispensers

The Modular range includes three wall mounted soap dispensers of different sizes, 400ml, 900ml and the industrial 2L. Highly versatile, they are made of the same unique mechanism as they come with a variety of interchangeable pumps and containers to allow for liquid or foam soaps.

Multiflat toilet paper dispenser

Popular in small washrooms, the Modular Multiflat toilet paper dispenser benefits from a sturdy & compact design. Ideal for environments that experience light use. Suits a wide variety of toilet tissue brands and fits multiflat or bulk-pack papers.

Twin toilet roll dispenser

Ideal for environments that experience light use, the Modular twin toilet roll dispenser holds two sets of standard domestic toilet rolls. Its clever internal mechanism makes it easy to use, to restock and to maintain.

Jumbo toilet roll dispensers

Floorbrite offer four sizes of the Modular jumbo toilet roll dispenser (small, medium, large, small with stub). The integrated reversible spigot enables the use of different roll-core diameters which increase the amount of application possibilities.

Available with the small format only, the stub allows the addition of a second toilet roll when the first one has reached half of its original size. This feature helps reducing paper waste and keeping the cubicle neat and tidy.

Centrefeed dispensers

Space-saving and easy to restock, the Modular centrefeed dispenser has been designed for areas that require fast access to paper towels. The hard-wearing centrefeed dispenser will stand up to years of constant use in busy environments. It is available in two sizes (small or large) to fit the end customer's needs.

Hand towel dispensers

The Modular hand towel dispenser is a hard-wearing, versatile system that enables the distribution of interleaved, C-fold, Z-fold and extra-narrow towels. It is available in two sizes to fit the end customer's environement.

Automatic hand dryer

The Modular automatic hand dryer offers the highest level of performance. However its small size helps reducing the amount of water spread by the blast, resulting in a cleaner and more hygienic environment. Its sleek and compact design makes it ideal for all types of environment.

Wet wipe dispenser

Solid and clever, the Modular wet wipe dispenser has been designed to dispense one wet wipe at a time, while keeping the remaining stock as fresh as new.

Colour options

By default, the Modular  dispensers come with a blue window. However, a set of coloured windows and branding options enable full product customisation to match a company's brand.

Available for out right purchase. Can be replenished by cleaning operatives during the cleaning shift.

• Cost effective. No ongoing rental costs.

• Full range of soaps, cleansers, moisturisers  and paper products.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Installation service.


Stainless steel soap dispenser

The Mercury soap dispenser is classy and modern. Its stainless steel finish will bring any washroom a touch of luxury. It is the ideal soap dispenser for high-end facilities, such as stylish hostels or trendy restaurants & lounge bars.

Stainless steel multiflat dispenser

The Mercury multiflat toilet paper dispenser is a modern unit with a black and stainless steel finish that has all the functions and long-lasting appeal of larger models, but slots neatly and attractively into the smallest washrooms. With its subtle refill window and tried and tested design, this toilet paper dispenser makes stock level checking and restocking effortless, and it fits easy-to-store multiflat or bulk-pack papers.

Stainless steel jumbo dispenser

The Mercury jumbo toilet paper dispenser offers a clever combination of style and practicity. Its design enables a full roll alongside a stub roll, reducing paper waste and helping to keep the cubicle neat and tidy, while its stainless steel finish brings an immediate touch of modern luxury to any washroom.

Stainless steel hand towel dispenser

The Mercury hand towel dispenser fits the smallest of washrooms, but has the style to carry off bigger luxury spaces too. With its minimalist good looks and clean stainless steel finish, it is an attractive addition to any washroom. The holder fits two packs of interleafed towels (C-fold, Z-fold etc.) and has two viewing windows to check stock levels.

Stainless steel waste bin

The Mercury waste bin has been designed to complete the Mercury collection, Brightwell Dispensers' high-end washroom range. With its smooth stainless steel finish, black plastic and sleek design, the Mercury waste bin can hold up to 25L of litter in a stylish container, blending perfectly with any upper-market environment. Wall mounted or with a stand.

Add your own company logo

Branding options are available for the addition of a company's logo to the full Mercury range.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • Elegant durable dispensers to enhance any décor.
  • Range of soap, cleansers and moisturisers to meet all skin care needs.
  • Choice of White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.
  • Regular and flexible service intervals to meet your requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No need to worry about maintenance, purchasing or the storage of soap.
  • Customer record card provided.
  • Free installation.
  • Emergency call out service.


  Soap dispensers

Available in white and polished Chrome. Dispensers are both stylish and functional, with innovative features such as non-drip and non-clog valves, ensuring reliability and clean washbasins. We provide a selection of quality soaps including lotion and antibac medical soap.


  Sanitex foam soap system            Hand cream systems

In today's washroom there are a number of alternatives for the provision of soap such as hand foam, barrier and moisturising creams.


    Deb Safety Centre


   Xibu Sense Towel

Available in different Designs. Our range includes hand wiping and toilet paper systems, both of which provide a hygienic and practical solution for any washroom or kitchen area. As with all our equipment, we only use the most innovative and functional units, sourced from the market leading supplier.


  Continuous Cassette Hand Towel Dispenser

Available in White and Platinum. 55 Metres of continuous scrim paper. Stylish lockable cabinet. Refill indicator.


   Multiroll Hand Towel Dispenser

Available in Platinum and White. Portion controlled dispensing. Refill indicator. Emergency call out service. Free installation.


 Xibu Tissue Paper Dispenser

Available in different Designs


 Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser

Available in White and Platinum

The installation of warm air dryers is a hygienic, environmentally-friendly and cost effective option for any washroom today.

Our range of high quality automatic and semi-automatic warm air dryers are designed to suite all washroom environments, units are available in a choice of finishes.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • Extremely robust with heavy-duty vandal resistant casing.
  • Available as automatic version with no-touch infra-red control or with touch controls.
  • Hand and face drying on all models.
  • Applications include industry, hotels and catering establishments.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.



Available in White and Polished Chrome


        Classic and Classic Plus

Available in White, Polished Chrome and Brushed Stainless Steel



Available in White and Platinum

Our range of vending systems comprises of single column, dual column and multi column units, available in a range of finishes.

A range of brand products to meet all health care needs allows your customers and staff access without them ever having to leave the premises in times of emergency.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • High quality reliable machines, offering style, strength and durability.
  • Range of leading brand products. Single, dual or multi vending available.
  • Choice of White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.
  • No capital outlay or stock holding.
  • Customer record card provided.
  • Emergency call out service.


  A range of brand products.

         Dual-column and Mini vending system 

Available in White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.

                              Single column condom vending system

          Multi-column vending systems 

Available in White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.

                           Nappy vending system

Air Care Systems Our freshening fragrance delivery systems can be used in conjunction with air cleaning systems and will guarantee a pleasant and fresh washroom or office environment. The range comprises of compact and stylish units which are suitable for an array of different locations. Available in a selection of finishes they will enhance any room decor. Our units are installed and regularly serviced by our highly trained service operatives; changing fragrances and batteries.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • Compact stylish dispensers.
  • Choice of White, Platinum and Polished Chrome.
  • Variety of unique refreshing fragrances.
  • Fully programmable to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Fragrance intensity control.
  • Customer record card provided.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.


 Micro Airoma              Omniscent




Often overlooked, air cleaning systems are essential in the elimination of unpleasant odours. The generation of ozone actually destroys the micro-organisms which create these odours, leaving a pleasant and fresh environment. Being supplied by the market leaders in this field, our units are stylish, durable and are simply and quickly installed and maintained by our highly skilled service teams.

  • Ozone generation destroys harmful micro-organisms and breaks down malodour causing compounds, neutralising unpleasant smells.
  • Adjustable ozone production dependent upon room size.
  • Programmable controls: day-only, night only, or 24 hours.
  • Applications for washrooms, hospitals, care homes, health clubs, kitchens and smoking rooms.
  • Guaranteed service levels.
  • Free installation.
  • Customer record card provided.



Even seemingly clean toilet seats harbour vast numbers of harmful bacteria. Installing toilet seat sanitiser systems is a positive demonstration of commitment to staff, visitor and customer welfare. Easy to use, the spray system provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitise the seat effectively before use.

Safeseat sanitising chemical is ultra quick drying and effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around the toilet fixtures.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • Effective cleansing control.
  • Effective sanitising action.
  • Ultra-quick drying chemical.
  • Pleasantly perfumed.
  • 3000 metered sprays per bottle.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.



 Safeseat Sanitiser



Specifically for use in WC’s and urinals, our systems ensure that fixtures remain clean, sanitised and odour-free through a continuous programmed delivery. The units are stylish, compact and are available with a selection of fragrances.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • Inhibits scaling by reducing salt, limescale and organic build-up.
  • Helps prevent unsightly stains from appearing.
  • Powerful cleaning action leaves urinals and toilets sparkling clean.
  • Continuous cleaning action eliminates odours at source.
  • Refills are available in chemical and biological formats, both of which provide a concentrated cleaning and sanitising action.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.



Quadrasan Automatic Sanitising System

Solve your urinal problems and cut your water bill by up to 96%!

A urinal flushing every 15 minutes will use up to 157,680 litres of water per annum at an average cost of £500. A urinal fitted with the Sani-Sleeve water controller will use 6,570 litres of water per annum at an average cost of £10.

  • New slimline design.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Tamper-proof technology
  • Works on standard PP3 battery - no need for mains supply.
  • Reduces urinal flushing to 4 flushes per day.
  • Fail-safe design features.
  • Guaranteed service levels.
  • Free installation and guaranteed Priority Service Visits.

The Sani-Sleeve

The Sani-Sleeve is a low cost consumable and can be retro-fitted to existing as well as new urinals. It’s odour locking design lines the foul smelling internal surface of the waste outlet and trap, Sani-Sleeve units are replaced quarterly to ensure that the bio enzymes that line the sleeve continue to work well. The new caps maintain a high standard of appearance and improve hygiene.

  • Improves hygiene.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Reduces blockages - keeps urinal traps and pipe-work clear.
  • No harmful chemicals - effective microbiological cleaning formula.
  • Saves water - optimised for flushing every six hours.
  • Eliminates smells - patented odour-lock design.
  • Cost savings from lower water use, no chemical use, reduced blockages, easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Guaranteed service levels.
  • Free installation and guaranteed Priority Service Visits.



Sensaflush is a unique urinal flush management system designed to drastically reduce water consumption by eliminating unnecessary and expensive wastage.

  • Incorporated into urinal cistern water supply.
  • Only allows flushing when user is detected.
  • Urinals flushed 30 minutes after activation.
  • If no detection within 12 hours a sanitizing flush is provided.
  • Guaranteed service levels.
  • Free installation and guaranteed Priority Service Visits.


Biosolve Purge sachets

Designed to unblock urinals and shower cubicles instantly by breaking down organic waste, releasing enzymes and re-opening the pipe. You will see immediate improvements after treatment.



Disposable mats to keep floors under urinals clean, dry and safe. This innovative system will keep washrooms cleaner, fresher and more comfortable, eliminating drips stains and odours. The disposable topsheet will last for up to four weeks, absorbing moisture while staying dry thus reducing the need for mopping.

Clinical, Medical and Sharps Disposal Units

Ideal for use in surgeries, hospitals and first-aid rooms, this range of services provides for the safe and hygienic disposal of all sharps, medical and clinical waste. Importantly too, our units are distinctive in appearance, fully secure and tested to meet BS7320:1990. Combined with our own high quality service standards, this ensures full compliance with all legislative requirements. All sharps bins are clearly marked with relevant warnings for safe usage. It is imperative that all clinical blades, broken glass, syringes and needles etc. are disposed of safely and this system meets all these requirements.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • Clinical, medical and sharps disposal services are fully Environmental Protection Act and "Duty of Care" compliant.
  • Safe and hygienic disposal by our own operatives.
  • All Audit Trail and Waste Transfer Note documentation is supplied by us.
  • Sharps units are easy to operate, with a rotary "open, close & lock" closure mechanism.
  • Distinctive colouring and clear labelling.
  • Sharps units are UN tested and certified to BS7320:1990.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.

45 Litre Medical Waste Unit    5 Litre Sharps Unit and Pharmaceuticals Unit


First Aid Kits and Eye Wash Station

It is a requirement of the law that all employers are legally bound to make first aid provision for all employees. Our first aid systems enable you to comply with the requirements of the 1990 Approved Code of Practise to the Health and Safety First Aid Regulations with the most advanced development in such systems. All our dispensers can be wall mounted or free standing which makes the system more portable and convenient to use. The impressive streamline design also prevents dust getting into the products thus eliminating product contamination.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • The most advanced development in first aid service.
  • Full compliance with Health & Safety Executive guidelines.
  • Highest quality, approved products.
  • Pilfer-proof plaster dispenser.
  • Room thermometer on exterior of the unit.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.

An equally as attractive, practical and innovative sterile eye wash station is available as part of our first aid service. Once again it complies with HSE guidelines and contains sterile eye pads, 20ml Steriflow pods for acid alkali accidents, 1ml saline minipods, dry-up tissues and tamper-proof eye wash bottles.

First Aid Kit Specifications 

1x Accident report book

1x First aid pen

1x First aid guidance leaflet

3x First aid gloves, bag of 2 pairs

2x Aprons

6x No. 16 eye dressing

8x Triangular bandage

1x Safety pins, pack of 12

12x Medium dressing

4x Large dressing

2x Alcohol-free wipe, pack of 10

6x Plasters, Blue, 7cm x 4.8cm

42x Pilferproof plaster, Blue, 24 x 70mm

12x Pilferproof plaster, Blue, 3.8 x 3.8mm

1x Surgical tape, 2.5cm x 5m

1x Scissors

1x Vent aid

Water proof blue plasters are available for food preparation areas.

Installing a changing station provides parents with a safe, convenient and hygienic changing facility in non-domestic washrooms. Along with a high quality nappy disposal service which ensures compliance with all legislative requirements, the installation of changing stations demonstrates a commitment to visitor and customer care and improves the perceived quality of an establishment.

  • Totally discreet and professional service provided in situ.
  • Nappy disposal services fully Environmental Protection Act and "Duty of Care" compliant.
  • All necessary Audit Trail and Waste Transfer Note documentation is supplied by us.
  • Secure disposal units with integral modesty flap.
  • Customer record cards provided.
  • Emergency call out service.
  • Free installation.

                               45 Litre Nappy Bin

This complete service provides a rigid 45 Litre unit, fully lined, containing a vapourising disinfecting/deodorising fluid enabling bacteria and malodours to be eliminated at source.

    Babyminder Vertical Baby Change Table


Babyminder Horizontal Baby Change Table

                                  Babyminder Toddler Seat

                                       Babyminder Sanitiser


                     Babyminder products available in White, Dark Granite and Light Granite


                                          Nappy Vending System

We also provide a number of other exciting services from preferred suppliers. Take a look at the brochures below:

Hey Girls

An award-winning social enterprise whose mission is to
eradicate period poverty in the UK, improve access to
quality products & increase education around period
health to eliminate shame and stigma.

With their buy one, donate one business model they have
donated thousands of products nationwide. 

Download brochure now



Innovative waste chewing gum bins, collected along with
their contents of waste gum are recycled to make a variety
of plastic products. Meaning zero waste to landfill and saving
sites thousands of pounds each year in gum cleaning costs.

Download brochure now


Legionella Water Treatment & Air Hygiene

Microbiological and Legionella testing including controlling
the risk of legionella and carrying out remedial services.

Download brochure now


Viruskiller Air Hygiene Systems

Killing 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass,
65% of people believe businesses and employees
should do more to ensure they provide clean air in
their premises.

Download brochure now


Sanitise Now

80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by our
hands. Sanitise Now provide essential sanitising
solutions to companies and venues across the world

Download brochure now

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What we’re capable of goes beyond
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We provide a wide range of facilities
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We work closely with a number of
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