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Tailored Security Solutions


The security challenges faced by our clients require an experienced
team that can carry out a full security review, highlighting any
weakness in your current system, so we can tailor our solution to
your needs.

We offer an extensive range of security services across the UK
including: the provision of security officers, key holding, mobile
patrol, emergency response, CCTV and access control
installation, system maintenance and remote monitoring of alarms
and CCTV.

Take a look at our services below:

Manned Guarding & Patrols

Floorbrite provide a range of manned guarding and patrol services, using sector specific security officers with appropriate levels of training and SIA licences.

Static Security

Our main service is the provision of manned security guards, all our security guards are licensed for the work they carry out, whether security, door supervisor, event security, or CCTV. They display their SIA licence and their ID pass at all times. Our call centre is 24hr and the status of your guard can be tracked at any time. We use professional call logging and time attendance systems to ensure you are receiving the best possible service. All our contracts are managed and customers have a direct number to their area supervisor should an emergency arise. We pride ourselves on the presentation and personalisation of the security guard services we offer.

Corporate Security

Our corporate security is tailored to each customers’ needs, the level of skills required, and utilising suitably experienced security guards to deliver into a corporate environment. All corporate accounts will be managed by a senior director with the full support of our operational management team.

Retail Security

Our retail security guards are trained and experienced regarding retail security, whether your main concern is shoplifting or shrinkage, our security supervisors are happy to work with management to ensure that our retail guards provide a pro-active and cost effective service. We can provide random search equipment for staff and advice on CCTV solutions for customers.

Event Security

We supply appropriately experienced security guards for your events, whether you’re expecting 50 or 5000 patrons, both with indoor or outdoor events, and have licensed security guards throughout the UK. Our security team are able to dress for whatever occasion, we have several uniform options, and we can blend in or stand out, search staff, customers, keep unwanted visitors out, and protect valuable infrastructure. We can also provide airport style metal detectors for peace of mind, and will liaise with the local authority, police or venue owner and coordinate stewards if you wish.

Door Supervisors

Floorbrite can provide door supervisors for venues within England, our doormen are qualified and experienced, being trained to handle the most difficult of your customers. Protecting property and premises is the door supervisor’s key objective and often the best way to do so is to keep the peace while maintaining the rules and regulations of a venue.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols can offer a cost effective solution to providing a security presence for your building with mobile patrols visiting site on a random basis out of hours, and can be part of a bespoke security delivery with a combination of static guards and mobile visits. We provide mobile patrols throughout England and are in the position to offer competitive prices. Our mobile security officers can also unlock and lock your premises, waiting for your staff to arrive, and return to secure your building once your staff have left.

Consultation Services

Floorbrite’s Security Services can provide consultants to perform physical site surveys, participate with architects, engineers, and designers to design effective security systems. We will analyse site usage and vulnerability to design cost-effective security implementation or improvement.

Floorbrite support the delivery of these services through the following:

Supervision and Management - We have a talented team of experienced managers constantly monitoring site operations from the field, branch offices, and headquarters. Frequent contact with senior management and regular site inspections by trained area managers assure clients of the close operational supervision needed to maintain optimum performance.

Extensive Training - Security guards must complete a rigorous training program and pass a comprehensive final examination. The training process meets the licensing requirements, and certified instructors interact with each officer candidate through lectures, role-playing, and scenario training.

Professional Employees - We provide professional security guards at facilities throughout the UK. Our supervisors and guards are professional, competent, and dedicated individuals, who are meticulously selected and extensively trained. Many of our uniformed guards have police or military security experience. Their expertise ranges from basic security functions to crisis management and emergency response, and are subject to some of the most rigorous training in the country, ensuring the highest level of service delivery.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Floorbrite’s security services act as guardians for commercial properties, providing security and essential services based on access, by safeguarding a copy of your property keys. We are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your alarm, let you back in if you lock yourself out or just keep an eye on your business when you’re not around, providing peace of mind regarding the ongoing security of your property.

In addition, our unique contractor desk provides vetted, reliable tradesmen to take care of any property emergency or maintenance that may be required, combining our key holding services with authorised access to your property, 24/7.

Key Holding

You can be confident in our professional key holding services. A receipt will be made out for the customer when the keys are handed over to us, and the keys will then be deposited within our secure key holding facility. Keys will be kept sealed, with each seal being uniquely numbered and recorded in our log book. So whether you require our Key Holding & Alarm Response service for your offices, stores, factory or other premises, we ensure that you will receive a professional, affordable service.

Key Advantages

  • We deal with the nuisance of false alarms so you don’t have to.
  • We deal with alarm activations or emergency response when you may not be able to.
  • We deal with alarm activations more quickly than you may be able to, eliminating the threat of an untrained person putting themselves at risk from confronting an intruder who may still be on the premises.

Alarm Response

Our Alarm Response Service saves you having to get up in the middle of the night to deal with an emergency response situation that could be just a false alarm, or even worse, an intruder on your property! The police are extremely busy, and due to operational demands, very often are not able to deal with alarm response, leaving your business at risk. Our highly trained security officers will attend the premises on your behalf, and deal with any problems that may have occurred from the alarm activation. A comprehensive report will be given to you the following morning, outlining the incident that has occurred and what action was taken by our alarm response services.

Our Central Monitoring Station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and thus we will always be ready to respond to an alarm notification. Our vehicles are all fitted with satellite tracking and this enables us to dispatch the closest available emergency response unit, enabling our security officers to arrive at your premises as soon as possible. Our Security staff will carry identity cards and wear a full uniform with the company insignia on, thus making them easily identifiable, and will be in constant contact with our Response Centre. In the event of a serious incident, where we feel the customer needs to be contacted urgently, we will call a nominated member of staff.

CCTV Designing, Installing and Maintaining your CCTV system

CCTV Benefits

CCTV statistics point to a reduction of over 95% in the amount of crime being committed where cameras are installed, proving why CCTV is seen by many as the best system for deterrent and detection.

Shoplifting can have a damaging effect on profits and statistics prove that a small CCTV camera system can be the most cost effective form of prevention for retailers of all sizes. Because a camera does not allow the shoplifter to know whether they are being watched, or recorded, at any particular moment, they are uneasy about stealing while under the camera’s view. Criminals, therefore, will normally go to another shop where it is easier to steal goods. For the majority of those tempted to shoplift it will provide a very high level of deterrence.

Reliable CCTV – even through network failures by allowing local storage in the encoder to act as backup if the network goes down, using patent-pending technology.

Audio capability – listen in. Options are available with one- or two-way audio which can be relayed as a single media stream so the two are synchronized.

Pre-alarm recording – capture the lead-up to major events. Our encoders can temporarily record video of key security locations; then, if and when an alarm is activated, they will rewind and permanently record the information just before and just after the alarm. The relevant video is safely stored on the secure server, but valuable space isn’t wasted with hours of uneventful recording.

Video management systems – bridging PC and analog viewing. Our Video Management System provides a single means to control both.


Accessibility: A single operator can monitor remote and wireless cameras from anywhere on the network, and the video can be stored remotely as well. And while many competitors offer point-to-point wireless capability, we allow wireless access anywhere on the network.

Simplified installation at lower costs: Rather than requiring extensive coax cabling like analog systems, IP Network Video systems connect through CAT-5 or wireless communication systems that already exist in many buildings.

Reduced storage costs: The system is using dedicated high-density storage servers rather than relying on a single hard drive. The video on those servers can then be shared with anyone anywhere on the network.

Reliability: IP uses the benefits of Internet technology to create a more reliable security system. It can automatically redirect video traffic to a backup storage system in the event of a power failure or network outage.

Scalability: IP networks offer improved flexibility for enlarging a CCTV system. It is not only easy to add cameras, but also to add storage space and distribute it across the network. Plus, IP networks are uniquely able to support multiple viewers. In the same way that an e-mail server can send the same data to multiple people at the same time, the network switch has the ability to clone the video and use the same data multiple times.

Video quality: IP gives you the ability to customize the quality of the video output based on your viewing needs and storage capacity.


Wireless: Advances in wireless technologies have been fuelled by the demand for increased mobility and ease of installation. Imagine walking around with a single wireless tablet and viewing any camera on your network. Or instantly installing cameras along tunnels and bridges without any cabling except power. The technology is moving quickly. The future is not distant.

Construction Site & Vacant Property Intruder Detection Systems

We provide modular site communications, security and environmental monitoring systems. Our inclusive service requires minimal customer support for installation & operation and all systems can be installed rapidly on to virtually any site (free site survey required).

Contact us for prices on 4, 6, 8 & 10 camera systems. Services are for a guaranteed hired period and are subject to site survey.

We provide sites with temporary telecommunications and internet connectivity. Our systems can be installed immediately from when the site starts and do not require expensive surveys, telegraph poles or cable installations.

  • 2 or 4 handset telephone system
  • Inclusive UK landlines & mobile calls
  • Internet connectivity for web surfing & email
  • Over 10% cheaper than national telecom suppliers

The system utilises the very latest Police monitored CCTV surveillance equipment and provides unrivalled levels of security to the majority of sites.

  • Emergency response to all alarms & Police response to confirmed activations
  • Audible warnings to intruders
  • Remote client viewing of the site

Our environmental monitoring system provides real time noise monitoring of any site. The automated system provides up to date average noise information, allowing site managers to stay law compliant and optimise on site activities. Live statistics can be viewed on line and a system generated report is produced daily and delivered by email.

  • 24/7 Real time noise monitoring
  • Totally automated (no user intervention)
  • Continuous noise management system providing actual/average noise levels

Commercial Alarm Systems

Floorbrite can design and install various intruder systems for small, medium and large businesses. Products on offer range from hard wired systems, hybrid and wire free systems. We work with all industry sectors including manufacturers and service providers.

Contact us for more information.

Types of Access Control System

Our access control systems can include:

  • barriers
  • bollards
  • gates
  • road blockers
  • turnstiles
  • Numbered keypad
  • Card swipe
  • Proximity sensors
  • Biometric, including fingerprint and retinal recognition
  • standalone or PC based
  • with an intercom system, fully automated
  • operated by a wireless remote fob, proximity reader swipe card reader or coded access keypad
  • National Installation coverage

Existing Systems

We are also able to maintain existing access control systems, e.g. Frontier Pitts, FAAC, CAME, BFT. and many more. Our experienced surveyors will review your current security system and ensure it complies with the necessary standards.

Any of our systems will help you to prevent and limit access to sensitive areas, eliminate walk-in theft and staff dishonesty by controlling access.

Alarm Monitoring/Remote Video Monitoring & Response Centre

Our control room is manned 24 hours per day 365 days per year, and we provide a range of services such as:

  • Care Line
  • Intruder alarm monitoring
  • Remote video camera monitoring
  • Tracking ability
  • Lone worker monitoring

The control room is staffed with fully SIA licensed CCTV operators, screened and vetted in accordance with BS 7858 standards. Intelligent control software records all calls and action taken.

The monitoring station provides centralised master control from any system linked to it, integrating information from all system components. Our technical staff who support it are just a phone call away after hours should they be needed. As technology advances and new products are introduced we can adapt our monitoring to suit the individual needs of the customers.

Our experienced team of operators will monitor signals and prioritise as each signal is received and then escalated as per procedure.

Secure Site Monitoring - To reduce costs many companies have reduced or even cancelled their manned guarding services; taking a systems approach to maintaining security, helping to mitigate risks.

Secure Off-Site Monitoring - We are able to monitor many sites with CCTV cameras from a remote monitoring station, saving money not having to pay staff to remain on site after hours.

False Alarm monitoring - All Alarms False or confirmed are verified and escalated as per escalation procedure.

Reports - Each event is logged and reported to the Installer and the customer; our administration will phone or email you with the report.

Integrity checks - Integrity checks are undertaken randomly during day and night to make sure the system is working. The operator does this through dialing in to your system.

System and Escalation process - We will install a CCTV camera system on your site which can be leased, rented or purchased. This system consists of the cameras, a recorder, amplifier, monitor, receiver, red walls and a loud speaker.

  • The system can be activated by either a phone call to our control room (Password required) or activated and deactivated at specific times.
  • Our control room will monitor all signals from the site and where the system is activated, a full camera patrol will be done by our CCTV licensed staff member. Should an intruder be detected on camera they will be told to leave the site via the speaker, should they not leave the site the police will be called to an active intruder. We are also able to dial into the system and provide “camera patrols “of the site. This can be done randomly or at fixed times.

We can supply and install bespoke systems for many environments, including schools, retail outlets, hospitals, construction sites and car dealerships, many of whom require a cost effective security solution without using manned guards.

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