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Identify and eliminate pest risks

Pest control

Floorbrite’s partners specialise in reactive as well as preventative
pest control. Our fully trained technicians are able to deal with all
manner of pest related issues, quickly and effectively with minimal
impact on your business or customers.

Our services help maintain a safe environment for staff and visitors,
minimising the spread of disease and germs. They can also reduce
the risk of damage to your premises, fittings and stock, protecting
your brand’s reputation.

We provide pest control and riddance solutions for rodents, insects
and flying insects, bird and small or large mammals. We offer cleaning
services involving the removal, treatment and disinfection of nesting
material and infected goods and maintain a minimum level of pest
activity via a number of pest proofing and deterrent systems.

Key features

  • Personnel are qualified to level 2 British Pest Control Association and Royal Society of Public Health Standard
  • Risk assessments highlighting areas at risk of pest infestation
  • Site specific COSHH, risk assessments and method statements
  • Minimum use of pesticides
  • Specialist cleaning services
  • IPAF accredited and trained

Take a look at our services below:

Control and riddance treatments for:

  • Rat and mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Garden ants
  • Pharaoh and Rogers ants
  • Flies and fly breeding sites
  • Wasps and Bees
  • Stored product insects (Flour beetle, biscuit beetle, Grain beetles etc)
  • Textile pests (Clothes moth, Carpet beetle etc)
  • Casual intruder insects (ground beetles, woodlice, millipedes etc)
  • Biting insects (Fleas and mites)
  • Booklice
  • Bed bugs
  • Feral pigeons and Collared Dove
  • Moles
  • Grey Squirrel
  • Urban Fox Management
  • Urban Fox Management and Deterrents

There are a number of serious health and safety issues relating to bird droppings and associated waste in nesting sites. Commonly, these are organisms developed in birds and passed on to humans via infected droppings, soiled feathers and general nesting waste.

The bacteria include Ornithosis, Psittacosis and Salmonella. Dry droppings increase the risk of disease spread through inhaling contaminated dust and airborne spores.
Our specialist clean-up team decontaminate and treat waste-affected areas with biocide and insecticide prior to the clearance taking place – this reduces the chance of secondary contamination. We also undertake the clearance and removal of rodent-infested properties, yards and goods.

Cleaning services:

  • Removal of pest bird nesting materials, guano and disinfection
  • Removal, treatment and disinfection of rodent infested goods

Pest proofing services:

  • Rodent proofing including bait boxes and traps
  • Feral pigeon and pest bird deterrent systems such as nets, bird-spikes and bird-wire – to deterrents such as fire-gel and bird scarers. we can also offer on-going management of pest birds using hawks, led by our team of falconry experts.
  • Insect screening - We offer a free site survey to determine the correct type of screen for each opening – this means that they will be safe and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Strip curtain doors - We offer a free survey to ensure that you get the correct product for your site.

We supply, install, and maintain flying insect control products such as insect screens, strip curtains and electronic fly control units.

Flying insect control units

  • Flying insect control system
  • Insect screen door

Other Facility services
we offer

What we’re capable of goes beyond
the traditional realm of cleaning.
We provide a wide range of facilities
services to cater for all needs.

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Industries we
operate in

We work closely with a number of
leading managing agents to supply
comprehensive cleaning and facilities
management solutions to companies
operating in variety of industries.

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Careers with the
Floorbrite Group

At Floorbrite, we’re always
on the lookout for passionate and highly
driven people to join our team as
we look to conquer new territories
as a business...

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