16 Sept Tameside Business Park Brite Star - Jean Price.jpg

Brite Star Award September 2016

Congratulations to Jean Price who is awarded our September Brite Star for her work at Tameside Business Park for Workman FM. 

Our client Michelle wrote a letter to us to tell us how she appreciated the hard work and dedication of Jean. Michelle wrote:

"Jean has become a dedicated member of staff and i consider her to be a Workman employee, not only doing the cleaning, she assists in other tasks on the estate i.e. helping tenants and ensuring the site runs efficiently when i am on annual leave. Her knowledge of the estate and how she conducts herself is an irreplaceable talent and i honestly don't know what i'd do without her."

What i lovely testimonial Jean, well done.

Jean (Centre) is pictured here with Michelle Delgarno our Client (Right), and Mick Daly or Area Manager (Left).