Account Management

Account Management

Floorbrite is in a unique position in our industry to have the positive attributes that come from the maturity and experience of over 40 years in the Cleaning and Facilities business. But at the same time, having key management roles throughout the company filled with young, enthusiastic and driven individuals keen to make their mark in the industry. These strengths make for a dynamic team when considering strategies, courses of action or problem solving for our clients.

Our team is nurtured through clear and close communication, support, training and development. In the first instance we look to our talented individuals for promotion opportunities. Our growing reputation throughout the industry as a market leader with family values at our core also means that we are approached by individuals eager to join our organisation. Selection is based on professional skills, industry experience, qualifications, personal profile and company compatibility in order to achieve the most well rounded and versatile teams for our spectrum of clients.

Communication with our Operational Management Team is fundamental to our success. Monthly one to one meetings with our Area Managers in addition to monthly and quarterly team meetings as a minimum, ensure the transparency and foresight to prepare for our client and team requirements. In conjunction with the Operations meetings, Floorbrite’s Sales and Operations Directors meet weekly so that Operations are aware and prepared for new business going forward. They ensure that new contracts mobilise correctly and as seamlessly as possible, covering all TUPE and HR issues.

Following the mobilisation period of a contract, we look to implement regular meetings with our clients to monitor the teams’ performance. Your Area Manager will arrange these meetings at a time and frequency convenient for you, using the latest technology to score and record the information via IPads, within our CRM system. Furthermore, Floorbrite’s Operations Director, Health and Safety Manager and Training and Development Manager are regularly involved with the ongoing monitoring and performance of contracts. In addition to visual inspections the Area Managers will also visit your sites during cleaning shift times to manage or retrain staff, assess stock levels or just pass on recognition of a job well done.

In the event of an emergency or contract priority, your Area Manager and Operations Management team are fully contactable to ensure your requirements are met as soon as possible.

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