Carpet Cleaning

An essential maintenance service

Floorbrite’s experience in commercial carpet cleaning spans 40 years and is an essential maintenance service to our client’s specifications within the daily cleaning division. We do however also provide our carpet cleaning to other clients as a service on its own, as one off cleaning, or within a periodic maintenance programme such as quarterly, 6 monthly or annual cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning services cross all industry sectors including offices, education, retail, leisure and healthcare and the work we do can range from sparkle cleans in show developments to builder’s cleans and salvage work.

Key features

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Our cleaning process

Identify – Identify carpet type and construction by pre testing of fibres if necessary.

Inspect – Inspect areas of staining, soilage and excessive wear and tear to determine the correct treatment.

Movement of furniture – If required we are able to move light furniture or furniture on wheels such as chairs and small desks. We will not move computers or large items such as filing cabinets and bookcases. We ask that small items such as bins and personal possessions are removed from the floor by your own staff prior to cleaning commencing.

Thorough vacuuming – Thorough vacuum of carpets with an upright vacuum with beater bar and brush.

Spot stain treatment – Apply correct treatment to stains previously identified.

Pre-spray – Apply Prochem Power Burst. A powerful, high performance, alkaline, detergent pre-spray. For pre-cleaning heavily soiled commercial carpets.

Agitate – Gently work the cleaning solution into the carpet fibres using a pile brush where required.

Extraction cleaning – Using the powerful, twin motor, 3 stage vacuum, Powr-Flite BlackMax extractors, we rinse and neutralise your carpets at high heat and pressure using Prochem solutions such as Fibre and Fabric. The dirty solution is then extracted leaving your carpets as dry as possible.

Airflow drying system – Where required, in areas affected by flood damage or poor air flow, we can install our high speed air movers to accelerate drying times.

Stain protection(Optional) – Apply stain protector to prevent carpet fibres absorbing small oil and water based stains.

Replace furniture – Replace furniture previously moved.

Post inspection – Our site foreman will inspect all areas with the client if available to ensure service levels are to the highest standards.

What types of carpet do we clean?

• Wool

• Polypropylene

• Polyamide (Nylon)

• Polyester

• Carpet tiles

• Rugs and entrance matting

What types of stains can we treat?

• Soil

• Dust and general dirt

• Traffic lanes

• Coffee and tea

• Grease and oil

• Body fluids

• wine

We always tell our clients that we cannot guarantee 100% that all stains and soiling can be removed as there are many factors to take into consideration such as:

• Type of carpet fibre

• Type of spillage

• Length of time the spillage has remained on the carpet

• If the stain has already been incorrectly treated it may have been inadvertently fixed into the fibres.

• Wear and tear

Make an enquiry

If you would like more information about any of our services, please call us on one of the numbers below, or fill in our enquiry form. Because of the new General Data Protection Rules (GDPR), we would like to let you know that we will keep your data for 36 months unless you tell us otherwise.

What our clients say

Just wanted to let you know, our office looks AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for your efforts with this. It is well and truly appreciated.

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