Family values

The Key to our future lies in our past

“As a family run organisation, the next generation of Floorbrite are ensuring that we still treat our customers and staff with the same care and attention as when we first began in 1972. “


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Looking to the past

Floorbrite was founded in 1972 by Martin Wyers who built Floorbrite’s foundations on the base of a strong family culture. His first 3 cleaning ladies, Emily, Maud and Faulder were everything to him in the beginning, even bringing him home cooked meals whilst he was a single man working all the hours that he could. Over the years he repaid his staff loyalty and hard work how he could with Awards, infamous works’ doo’s and an open door policy, always having time and an ear for his staff.

Martin also worked hard to put something back into the community and in the 1980’s the young people of Sale Annexe Youth Club enjoyed residential trips to both Paris and Holland and annual trips to Blackpool to see the lights, sponsored by Floorbrite. Martin was a keen member of Sale Round Table, helping to raise money for local charities and was also Vice President of Sale Boxing Club when the young Ricky Hatton was aspiring to future stardom. As an avid football supporter Martin ensured that Floorbrite sponsored various clubs over the years and we still do to this day.

As the company grew and the number of staff rose into the hundreds, it became more difficult for Martin to connect personally with all the cleaners in the field whilst balancing the demands of his expanding business, but those values always burnt brightly at our Head Office in Sale, Manchester.


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The Present

“All newcomers to Floorbrite’s office team can expect to gain weight in the first 12 months of work”. In 1999 the Floorbrite Christmas breakfast on Christmas Eve was established (in addition to the Company Christmas Doo of course!). Initially begun by the Sales team as a thank you to the other departments for supporting their needs over the previous 12 months, it is a fun filled morning of chaos. Sausage and bacon grilling, mushroom and egg frying and all the usual trimmings of a full English breakfast for up to 60 people. Today the departments take their turn each year to cook and so the Floorbrite breakfast has become a firm tradition which everyone enjoys.

Continuing the food theme, Nina, Martin’s daughter, introduced a Pancake Day tradition in 2000, flipping pancakes for all the office staff, a custom which she maintained for a number of years until passing on the frying pan to the late Mike Burley, our much loved Support Services Director. Today the Accounts ladies preserve this sweet treat.

Floorbrite’s enjoyment of food comes from the very top, Martin periodically ordered Chinese or Chippy takeaway at lunch time for everyone, a mammoth operation for the person receiving that telephone order on a Thursday lunch time! Today his wife Linda Wyers, our Chairwoman, has continued this tradition.

There are so many social customs that have now become part of the fabric of Floorbrite’s culture that they are too many to mention. We still enjoy company bowling nights, usually organised by Nik Wyers with trophies for the winners and toilet brushes for the losers. Alex and Nik Wyers together with the warehouse team have historically organised a firework display on bonfire night. Floorbrite have also relished many more nights out and Christmas parties all over Manchester over the years.

Today, Trish Smith is Floorbrite’s latest secret weapon for the social calendar. Trish joined Floorbrite’s Accounts team in 2004 and is jointly responsible for paying our 1500 strong workforce on a fortnightly basis. In 2010 she also took responsibility for the simple task of looking after the office staffs birthday cards. This role soon grew in to creating buffets for the office staff for the UK’s national celebrations such as St George’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Burns night and Halloween, to the bigger milestones in people’s lives such as major birthdays and retirements. Today Trish is famous for pulling buffets out of a hat and creating social gatherings at lunch time for any occasion, including those for a good cause raising money for local charities and those close to our hearts.


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Looking to the future

2012 saw Floorbrite’s 40th Anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion we held a special day with our staff and their partners, the first of its kind. Amongst the entertainment of games and food a new chapter in Floorbrite’s history began. The day was a resounding success, each year since, we have held a similar event which we now call “Floorbrite’s Summer launch meeting”, at the start of our financial year in August. The format changes each year but we use the opportunity to congratulate our outstanding members of staff and to include our people in the company successes of the previous year and exciting prospects of the future.

In Early 2014, Nina Wyers and Linda Wyers, in agreement with the Board of Directors, felt that Floorbrite needed to rekindle the “Family Values” that had sadly diminished over the years for many of our staff in the field, a huge challenge with a workforce of 1500 people. With this in mind Nina held Floorbrite’s first “Long serving Cleaners Open Day”, at Floorbrite’s Head Office, in October 2014, to acknowledge and thank personally all those staff with 10 years or more service. The day was a great triumph for everyone and symbolised the first steps towards regaining that important personal contact with our staff in the field.

With many more exciting ideas being implemented, watch this space!!!


How do our staff and clients benefit?

“The key to our future lies in our past”. Floorbrite’s success is due to many things but the fundamental ingredient throughout our history so far has been our passion for our values and culture. For our staff, this means an opportunity to work within a unique organisation, underpinned by family values. They have the security of knowing that the new generation of family members are continuing Floorbrite’s special ethos. For our clients, they too are able to receive a personal and honest service from a family business with integrity.

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