Pest Control

Identify and eliminate pest risks

Providing protection from all types of pests, Floorbrite’s partners specialise in reactive as well as proactive and preventative pest control. Our fully trained technicians are able to deal with all manner of pest related issues, quickly and effectively with minimal impact on your business or customers.

Our services can help maintain a safe environment for staff and visitors, minimising the spread of disease and germs. They can also reduce the risk of damage to your premises, fittings and stock, protecting your reputation and brand.

From treatment through to eradication and deterrent systems, Floorbrite provide Pest Control and riddance solutions for Rodents, Insects and flying Insects to Birds and small or large Mammals. We offer cleaning services involving the removal, treatment and disinfection of nesting material and infected goods and maintain a minimum level of pest activity via a number of pest proofing and deterrent systems.

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Key features

  • Control and riddance treatments for Rodents, Insects and flying Insects to Birds and small or large Mammals
  • Pest proofing services
  • Bird proofing services
  • Flying Insect control units
  • Specialist cleaning services
  • Over 35 years’ experience within the Pest Control industry
  • All personnel are qualified to a level 2 British Pest Control Association and Royal Society of Public Health Standard ensuring your peace of mind at all times.
  • Risk assessment surveys in order to highlight areas at risk of pest infestation
  • Site specific COSHH, risk assessments and method statements
  • IPAF accredited and trained
  • Minimum use of pesticides reducing their impact on the environment
  • A total facilities service including cleaning, washroom, hygiene and consumable supplies, waste and environmental management, pest control and plants and grounds maintenance

Control and riddance treatments

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Control and riddance treatments for:

• Rat and mice

• Cockroaches

• Crickets

• Garden ants

• Pharaoh and Rogers ants

• Flies and fly breeding sites

• Wasps and Bees

• Stored product insects (Flour beetle, biscuit beetle, Grain beetles etc)

• Textile pests (Clothes moth, Carpet beetle etc)

• Casual intruder insects (ground beetles, woodlice, millipedes etc)

• Biting insects (Fleas and mites)

• Booklice

• Bed bugs

• Feral pigeons and Collared Dove

• Moles

• Grey Squirrel

• Urban Fox Management

• Urban Fox Management and Deterrents

Cleaning services

Cleaning services:

• Removal of pest bird nesting materials, guano and disinfection

• Removal, treatment and disinfection of rodent infested goods

Pest proofing services

Bird proofing 1.png Bird proofing 2.png Bird proofing 3.png 

Bird proofing 4.png Bird Proofing 5.png Bird proofing 6.png

Pest proofing services:

• Rodent proofing

• Feral pigeon and pest bird deterrent systems

• Insect screening

• Strip curtain doors

Pest proofing 2.png Pest proofing 1.png      Pest proofing 5.png

Pest proofing 6.png Pest proofing 4.png Pest proofing 3.png

Flying insect control units

Flying insect control 1.png Flying insect control 2.png Flying insect control 3.png 

Flying insect control 4.png Flying insect control 5.png Flying insect control 6.png

Flying insect control units

• Flying insect control system

• Insect screen door

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